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Cases involving other civil rights and constitutional questions not classified elsewhere, 440, 444, 1440, 1444, 2440, 2444, 3440, 3444, 4440, 4444, 5950, Copy of Order on Motion to Stay #16 sent via U.S. Mail to Maurice Courtez Davis (ns) (Entered: 10/12/2021), (#15) CERTIFICATE regarding compliance with LCivR 7.1(d) re MOTION to stay #14 filed by Parker Surbrook (Raiti, Christopher) (Entered: 10/05/2021), (#14) MOTION to stay by defendant Parker Surbrook; (Raiti, Christopher) (Entered: 10/05/2021), Copy of Mandatory E-Filing Letter #13 , Receipt of Case Notice #12 sent via U.S. Mail to Maurice Courtez Davis (mlc) (Entered: 10/05/2021), (#13) LETTER from Clerk to attorney Davis regarding mandatory electronic filing (mlc) (Entered: 10/05/2021), (#12) NOTICE of receipt of case (mlc) (Entered: 10/05/2021), (#11) CASE TRANSFERRED IN from Michigan Eastern, their case number 4:21-cv-11720; the documents listed above were electronically transferred to the Western District of Michigan (mlc) (Entered: 10/05/2021), (#10) ORDER TRANSFERRING CASE to the Western District of Michigan. A Michigan state trooper has been charged with assault, accused of allowing a dog to continue to attack a man after he was not resisting and pleading for help. We have found USTA photo. Police K-9 handler Nicholas Barber and his dog Niko arrived on the scene to search the premises. Such a wonderful man in the Tompkins and Rives Townships. In the 21st century, it's not just urns and gravestones anymore. The man, who the authorities said sustained several bite injuries, can be heard in dash camera footage pleading with Trooper Parker Surbrook to pull the dog off him. A passenger in the vehicle had a gun and was arrested by Surbrook and the other officer. He had used the dog as an intermediate control device to control and hold the suspect so that nobody got shot and killed.". A white Michigan state trooper has been charged for letting his police dog attack a Black man for almost four minutes as he pleaded for help.. Eric R. Bennett. Please Im begging you, sir. We always enjoyed bringing our grandkids to see the horses, especially Classic. Mr. Surbrook was born Nov. 1, 1939, the son of Floyd and Hazel Surbrook, who preceded him in death. The case status is Pending - Other Pending. Prayers for the memories to comfort you. The driver and the passenger were being watched by police officers not because they were Black, but because they were violent, he said. In the interest of transparency, the MSP is making the in-car video available here, as well as the investigative report, which was conducted by a detective from the MSPs Third District. for Parker Surbrook "He didn't care about a black man being mauled by his canine," Maurice Davis, the attorney for Robert Gilliam III, said. 22-1551 | 2022-06-23, U.S. Courts Of Appeals | Civil Right | Parker Surbrook, a trooper assigned to MSP's Lansing post, is on unpaid leave while the charges play out in court. His attorney, Patrick OKeefe, said his clients actions have nothing to do with race, and questioned the severity of the felony charge. (Entered: 09/16/2021), Docket(#8) STIPULATED ORDER Extending Deadline for Defendant State of Michigan's First Responsive Pleading. Parker Surbrook. Col. Joe Gasper, director of the Michigan State Police, said in the statement that while force must sometimes be used, "care and concern for human life should always be at the forefront of any police officer's actions.". A lawyer for the trooper said his clients use of force was justified and that dash camera video did not show the full context of the confrontation. He was so dedicated to his farm and his business and his family. Officers said they recovered a handgun from the passenger, who was handcuffed for nearly two minutes while the dog remained on the driver. The. I mean, he's telling the dog stay on him. Fowler, MI. Published by Jackson Citizen Patriot from Mar. Surbrook will remain on unpaid suspension pending adjudication of the criminal case. Davis filed a lawsuit against MSP on his client's behalf Thursday, demanding $1 million. Trooper Surbrook replied, I dont care.. Johnson said Surbrook's use of force was appropriate because "the dog was not causing any great harm" and was mainly acting as a distraction. Surbrook will remain on unpaid suspension pending adjudication of the criminal case. State police say Surbrook let his dog attack the driver "for an extended period of time." The state police placed Surbrook on leave on Dec. 8 and presented the results of its criminal . Box 503, Leslie, MI 49251. A Michigan state trooper was charged with a felony after he ordered a police dog to hold down an unarmed Black man for about four minutes in November, court documents showed. Surbrook and an undercover officer from a local police department responded to the scene. Gilliam said on Nov. 13, 2020, after fleeing the police, then hitting a tree in Lansing, Michigan State Police canine handler, Parker Surbrook sicced his dog on him. He was not resisting; he was not a threat to the officers. This profile was gathered from multiple public and view. This section can be locked, requiring permission to Trooper Parker. I have permanent scars from the top of my head to my legs. John Ludlow Surbrook, age 82, of Rives Junction, Michigan, passed away under the loving care of hospice after a long illness. The. The MSP became aware of this incident on Dec. 4, 2020, during a routine review. My prayers and thoughts are with John's family during their time of sadness, may you take comfort Dee in knowing John's at peace now, also thinking of Tom Hosler and his family, love to all of you! John will be remembered as being patient, loving, hardworking, and kind. Get them off. Services are 11 a.m. Friday March 17 . Motor carrier officers from the Michigan State Police, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division (MSP/CVED) will be conducting inspections at weigh station facilities and rest area locations throughout the state with a focus on defective equipment and driver hours of service. John also served as a director of The United States Trotting Association. Cancellation and Refund Policy, Privacy Policy, and Memories What a shock! Information on Aviation, Field Support, & Operations. My client was treated less than human, Davis said. Stay on him, he can be heard telling the dog in the video. Parker Surbrook joined the Michigan State Police in 2012 and worked his way up to becoming a K-9 handler. Michigan state trooper Parker Surbrook charged with assault for dog attack. Surbrook PARKER served on 8/22/2021, answer due 9/13/2021. According to the statement, Gilliam suffered bites to his legs, genitals, head, neck and hips. 22-1046 | 2022-01-20. Parker Surbrook, a Michigan State Police (MSP) trooper assigned to the Lansing Post, was today arraigned in the 54-A District Court on one count of Felonious Assault related to his on-duty actions during an arrest that occurred on Nov. 13, 2020, in the City of Lansing. Receipt No: AMIEDC-8551235 - Fee: $ 402. Surbrook PARKER served on 8/22/2021, answer due 9/13/2021. The man suffered bite injuries across his body, including hishead, left shoulder blade area, left arm bicep and forearm, left side rib area, left and right side of his pelvic bone area, genitals, and the top of the thighs. This makes Trooper Surbrooks disregard of the drivers pleas for help totally unacceptable.. The trooper, Parker Surbrook, was charged with a single count of felonious assault in the arrest Nov. 18 in Lansing, in which a driver with a passenger who was believed to be armed fled a traffic stop and crashed into a tree, state police said in a statement. to see possible family members, friends, co-workers, and associates found from multiple government records, social and public sources. A gun was recovered during the passenger's arrest, according to the report. On 07/26/2021 GILLIAM filed a Personal Injury - Other Personal Injury lawsuit against PARKER. A time for sharing love, laughter, and tears will be provided at a luncheon at Rives Baptist Church following the burial. Just because he made an insensitive comment here or there doesnt make him guilty of assault with a dangerous weapon, he said. The web Browser you are currently using is unsupported, and some features of this site may not work as intended. Contact information for Freedom of Information Requests, Post Commanders, and the Webmaster. Lansing Police Department Officer John Cosme testified that they were following Gilliam's vehicle because they had seen his passenger with a gun. Please, sir, hes on my face, the man yelled. It was all caught on dash-cam video. The results of that investigation were presented to the Ingham County Prosecutors Office for review on Feb. 11, 2021. Michigan Trooper Charged After Setting Dog on Suspect for Nearly 4 Minutes in Attack Seen on Video When the suspect said the dog was biting his face, Trooper Parker Surbrook is heard in dash cam . We question whether a dog can actually be a dangerous weapon.. There were other options, as well, but those sections of the report are redacted. Good boy.. What kind of arrangement is appropriate, where should you send it, and when should you send an alternative? In MSP video, the dog was. If you need help with the Public File, call (313) 222-0566. 21-2724 | 2021-07-19, U.S. District Courts | Other | Gilliam got out of the vehicle to try to run, not realizing he had broken his hip in the crash, he testified. (Davis, Maurice) [Transferred from Michigan Eastern on 10/5/2021.] 636c and FRCP 73. Information on Laws & Statutes relating to the Michigan State Police. in State police said the trooper violated policies by ignoring the mans pleas for help during the arrest in Lansing. view. More Local News to Love Start today for 50% off Expires 3/6/23. Signed by District Judge Stephanie Dawkins Davis. The incident isnt the first recent instance of an officers handling of a K-9 resulting in disastrous consequences for an African-American man. Web EAST LANSING MI Michigan State University police have identified Anthony McRae 43 as the gunman who killed three MSU students and critically. Gilliam saidhe started to pull over, but then fled once the passenger in the vehicle told him he had a gun. Gilliam filed the lawsuit earlier this month in federal courtagainst Surbrook and the state, claiming Surbrook used excessive force during his arrest by telling his K9 to continue biting and holding Gilliam, despite his lack of resistance, according to the lawsuit. Receipt No: AMIEDC-8551235 - Fee: $ 402. Search by Name. Parker's personal network of family, friends, associates & neighbors include Jerry Reed, Hannah Reed, Diana Bauer, Travis Osborne and Monica Martin. On Friday morning, a Michigan State Trooper will face a judge for his preliminary hearing after leaving his police K9 on a suspect for nearly four minutes. CERTIFICATE regarding compliance with LCivR 7.1(d) re MOTION to stay #14 filed by Parker Surbrook (Raiti, Christopher) (Entered: 09/10/2021), (#4) CERTIFICATE of Service/Summons Returned Executed. With heat indices expected to exceed 100 degrees across much of lower Michigan through Sunday, the Michigan State Police, Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division (MSP/EMHSD) is urging residents and visitors to stay protected during the extreme heat. MSP put Surbrook on unpaid suspension until the criminal case is resolved. The alleged crime happened on Nov. 13, when Surbrook's K9 partner followed his commands to continue attacking Gilliam. We always brought our kids up to see the horses and colts and they loved it. I to was very fortunate to work for John in my younger years. He owned and operated Surbrook Farms while at the same time starting The Beef Barn which he owned and operated for over 50 years. While the unfortunate reality for police officers is that use of force is sometimes a necessary action to ensure the protection of themselves or others, care and concern for human life should always be at the forefront of any police officers actions. Please, sir, the man said. In this image taken from a video, Trooper Parker Surbrook is seen deploying a police dog on a suspect. Visitation will be held at the funeral home on Tuesday, March 15, from 5-8 p.m. and one hour prior to the service. This makes Trooper Surbrooks disregard of the drivers pleas for help totally unacceptable.. ! Please update to a modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge to experience all features has to offer. The Notice, Consent, and Reference of a Civil Action to a Magistrate Judge form is available for download at, (#3) SUMMONS Issued for *Surbrook PARKER* (SOso) [Transferred from Michigan Eastern on 10/5/2021.] AMBER Alert, Michigan Blue Alert, Public Threat Alert, Vulnerable Adult Medical Alert. He also said Trooper Surbrook was being wrongly judged on the words he used in a tense moment. We Don't Care Inc, See 1:22-CV-00203 | 2022-03-08, U.S. Courts Of Appeals | Civil Right | Court records for this case are available from Michigan Western District Court. Web Michigan State University Police and Public Safety Interim Deputy Chief Chris Rozman said during his 12 am. If you have a matter that requires local police action or assistance, please contact your nearest MSP post. If you have a matter that requires local police action or assistance, please contact your nearest MSP post. Responsive Pleading due by 10/22/2021. Signed by District Judge Stephanie Dawkins Davis. Michigan State Trooper Parker Surbrook has been criminally charged for his alleged actions during a traffic stop where he allegedly ordered his K9 partner to bite and grab the driver of the vehicle for several minutes. Please, the man repeated. He proudly served his community as a fire chief at the Rives Tompkins Fire Department and as a member of the Board of Review for Tompkins Township. Students at 36 Michigan high schools will have the opportunity to become better, safer drivers by participating in the Strive for a Safer Drive (S4SD) program. For four entire minutes, trooper Parker Surbrook, 33, forced his dog to maul a compliant, unarmed and surrendered man, quite literally from head to toe. In addition to the immediate termination of Surbrooks employment, Davis is calling on the Ingham County Prosecutors Office to increase the charge to assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder. (THal) [Transferred from Michigan Eastern on 10/5/2021.] Surbrook was released from jail Friday after posting $5,000 bond and faces up to four years in prison. This makes Trooper Surbrooks disregard of the drivers pleas for help totally unacceptable.. Answer due: 9/27/2021. Regardless of whether a criminal charge results in a conviction, employees can still be subject to administrative penalties resulting from violations of department policy. This enforcement operation is part of the annual Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) International Brake Safety Week. Contact reporter Kara Berg at 517-377-1113 or And the best part of all, documents in their CrowdSourced Library are FREE! John Surbrook died March 10, 2022.

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