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El Tigre Endler Pair. These Fancy Guppies are bred to exhibit a plethora of colors, unique body color patterns, different shapes, body markings and sizes of caudal fins. With large drops of fry, some of them will be red grass and purple grass. : Favorite Guppy Fish, Guppy Food with Enhancing Formula *Discount given if you are buying Male only guppy with quantity more than 10pc, contact me for more details. Sri Lanka guppies are known for very Bengal Tiger Endler - Male Guppies Guppy Fancy Fantail Tropical Fish 12 Fish Assorted Colors 226 2 offers from $49.99 Product Description You will receive 5 Assorted Guppies. 20 for $20 EARLY SEASON GUPPY SALE GET 20 Juvenile . Golden Blue Flame Guppy (Pair) $ 16.99 $ 13.99 Add to cart-17%. Dear Zen Customers, We are still here but are currently updating our website, with all the latest products and new pre-order fish section, We want to be the best online aquarium with quality products, live fish, friendly truthful advice at affordable prices, We have also partnered up with some of the best Aussie businesses . Arizona Aquatic Gardens By designed Invigilo LLC, Howdy Friends! 100% Live Delivery Guarantee. The Sky Blue male endler has a solid cobalt blue tail and looks like a little reflective jewel in the fish tank.These fish are bred Gold Cobra Guppy pair Due to selective breeding, breeders are constantly creating new types of Guppies. Unique color strains have been developed through selective breeding programs. Clearly the jury is out. Some of them will be ribbon fin. : Guppy Fish Currently in Growing State BLUE / GREEN MOSCOW (new line)$20 Pair or $30 Trio NOT AVAILABLE. The blue delta guppy is the Thai variety with a small body and a big "Delta" shaped tail. 1 Pair BLUE PANDA Guppies(Poecilia reticulata Livebearer) - beautifully stained. On this site, you'll also find articles and information on all things guppy-related. Bodies are very dark brown (appearing black) with orangish colored fins. Visit us online today! Out of stock. Blue Grass Guppy Fish 1 Pair Grade A Male and Female RM120, for Male only RM15/guppy with minimum order 5 guppies. Price $4.50. Personally, I believe this strain is the most uniquely and vividly colored guppy of all! Guppies for sale online. Powered by Shopify. Some shipping may be delayed due to the weather. Quick View. Albino Sky Blue Guppy Fish This is not an IFGA Show Quality guppy. Adult dwarf shrimp are generally safe as well, but guppies may eat shrimp fry. I'm not looking to breed them, just want some fancy colors, shipping only . Not only can you order fish directly from me, you can also purchase through my auctions on Aquabid. Big Ear Guppy Fish As you scroll below, you will see the strains of guppies I breed, plus a strain of rare black corydoras. | Platinum Mosaic Big Ear Female Guppies X4 Tropical Fish . Visit Us at 12150 SW 45th Street Miami, FL 33175. . The standards of these 12 tail shapes are based upon those that originated in England in the 1950's and 60's and the guppies are bred to achieve the 'ideal guppy' as defined by the IKGH standards. Livebearers Endlers and Guppies. Buy high quality, premium grade fancy guppies at Prestige Aquatics Fish. GUPPY for SALE. Choose from hundreds of stunning Guppies for Sale. Breeder Female Guppies (All Bred and Well Fed) Large Healthy Active, Halloween Must Have's (GMM#100) Green Metallic Marble Males Guppies, Spooky Glow, 20 Pack (MMD#100) Multi Colored Metallic Marbled Male Guppies 20 Pack, 6 Pack (MMD#100) Multi Colored Metallic Marbled Male Guppy 6 Pack, (MMD#100) Multi Colored Metallic Marbled Male Guppies, SHIVER ME TIMBERS (ST#100) STEELY DOUBLE SWORD TAIL MALE GUPPIES, 20 Pack (HBD#100) Fancy Half Black Male Dumbo Guppies. Safe & Sound Shipping. I will try to send 2 males and 3 Females. (GMM#100)EMERALD GREEN METALLIC MARBLES Very fancy Male Guppies SUPER SHINY, (BCD#100 T.G.F. Feel free to email us or place your order. Albino Sky Blue Ribbon Guppy Fish Blue Tazzan Guppy Fish from $9.99 Sold Out Koi Red Guppy Fish from $9.99 Fancy guppy fish, also known as rainbow guppies, are a type of small, colorful freshwater fish native to South America. Beautiful guppy just like wearing a ball gown or evening dress, is a great joy to watch them swim in group. Healthy and new Guppies for sale online. Flakes float longer to allow fish feed naturally from the surface You can choose to buy a pair of these beautiful snow-white guppies at a very reasonable price of $3 to $4. Absolutely gorgeous (IFGA) show quality guppies. Large drops of fry. They are also not afraid to jump, so they must be kept in an aquarium with either a lid/hood/canopy or at least a significantly lowered water level. BLOND MOSCOW IFGA / A.O.C$50 Pair or $70 Trio NOT AVAILABLE. We are working on a solution for this matter. They are popular among aquarium enthusiasts for their vibrant colors and wide range of patterns, which can include spots, stripes, and swirls. Guppies. Sri Lanka guppies are known for Assorted Male Guppies Any orders that are processed on Sunday after 10:00 pm CST, will usually ship out the following Monday, not the next day. XL or Big Size, Juvenile ready to breed. *All Grade B Guppies Pair are RM10 cheaper than Grade A Guppies Pair. HOW TO ORDER How to Order Products and Livestock Shop Update #05 Guppies typically occupy the top level of the water column, although they can often be seen swimming and feeding in the middle and bottom levels as well. Brandofish: 01d 23h + 25.00 One Trio Of Blue Tanzanite Guppies : Crackedglass: 02d 04h + 25.00 50 Adult Fancy Guppies : Aklein806: 02d 05h + No Bids: 25.00 TRIO AMERICAN BLUE DELTA 2-3 months old : Devinsaquatics: 02d 20h + No Bids: 19.00 6 AMERICAN BLUE DELTA 3-4 week old FRY : Devinsaquatics: 02d 21h . Aprox age 3 months, Note: Picture that is used means the farm thatiscurrently providing us with their guppies, so they will look alike it. $ 1.50 each or all 29 for $30. The dorsal and tail fin must match in pattern . Feel free to contact us with questions or concerns at 14.00. Very hardy and prolific! Show quality guppy from Thai Land, vibrant color, wide angle tail, high dorsal fin from 30 years experience breeder in Thailand. The endler, a related smaller cousin of the guppy, was discoved by collector John Endler in Venezuala in 1975 and is also enjoying popular success as a small live bearing aquarium species. The fancy guppies we carry are larger than one would find in a national chain store. (MP#045) Amarillo 7 Yellow and Sun Burst Male Guppies, SEND IN THE CLOWNS (3MD) Multi Colored Metallic Male Dumbos, (6 GUPPIES by CUSTOMER REQUEST) 3 Male, 3 Female Juveniles (ONLY $11.95) USA, 2 pair gold lace guppies free UPS 2nd Day Air shipping. Coral Blue Platies Xiphophorus maculatus. Neighborhood Fish Farm. 1 Pair Grade A Male and Female RM50, for Male only RM10/guppy with minimum order 5 guppies. . The Blue Moscow Guppy (Poecilia reticulata var. ALBINO RED KOI. Blue Tuxedo Guppy Fish Originally imported from Thailand. Porur, Chennai 44/45 Rathna Nagar, Porur, Chennai - 600095, Dist. , Cichlids African Cichlids Aquarium Fish, Cichlids New World Cichlids Aquarium Fish, Labyrinth Fish Betta, Gourami, Badis, Paradise Fish, Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp, Crayfish & Lobsters. The Guppy is also called the Millions Fish. FANCY GOLDFISH. Albino Red Lace Guppy Fish Please sign up for our newsletter via the pop up, not the below bar. Originals) BLUE CLOUD DUMBO Male Guppies (Hybrid in the U.S.A), Melting Pot Guppies 2pair + 1 female + fry, (20) for ($20) ALL MALE SWALLOWTAIL SALE (Get 20 Male Guppies Only $20) ALL MALE, BIG LADY BREEDER 6 PACK $24.95 You get (6) MP#013 Breeder size Female Guppies. You will find many color variations of the Poecilia reticulata guppy. Shoaling fish that do best in groups of six or more. I can be contacted by email or phone (863-202-0154) or text. Moscow Blue Guppy Fish The males are usually more colorful than the females. Copyright 2023, LiveAquaria. Bredby: Aquatic Arts and Locally-Bred Livestock, Beautiful true blue coloration and elegant Moscow tail in males, Peaceful disposition with fish and peaceful invertebrates, Excellent for inhabiting the top of the aquarium. Fancy Guppies For Sale. For more information please check out the About Page and Shipping, Feeding & Care Page. Female Fancy Guppies are fascinating fish that are livebearers who can rapidly reproduce in a community aquarium because they give birth to babies, rather than laying eggs. These guppy breeds have true, natural, and bright blue coloration ( including full-colored heads / because the strain is a combination of Snake-skin and Moscow gens ), which is less likely to be seen in other guppy strains. BUK#100 Blue/Yellow/White Metallic Dumbos Tankful Guppy Farm. Blue Moscow Guppy, Males and Females - Aquatic Arts on sale today for $ 18.99 | Home / Freshwater Fish / Blue Moscow Guppy, Males and Females - Aquatic Arts Blue Moscow Guppy (Poecilia reticulata var. 10.00. The fish shown in the picture above has light-leopard markings. Price of fish does not include shipping which will be by USPS. Still, an experiment in New Zealand recently documented the "recreation" of Japanese Blue Guppies through a Guppy X Endler hybridization. . This strain is a new development at Tropical Basement (House Of Top Quality Moscow Guppies). This strain is a new development at Tropical Basement (House Of Top Quality Moscow Guppies). Absolutely gorgeous fish! Call Us 812-272-8668. Their ability to thrive at lower temperatures than other tropical fish can make them ideal for the smaller energy . Blue Moscow Live Guppy Aquarium Fish Hobbyist Bred $8.00 to $35.00 $14.26 shipping SPONSORED 1 Pair- Blue Dragon Indo Live Guppy Fish Grade A High Quality VIP Grade A+ $31.95 $16.95 shipping or Best Offer SPONSORED 1 Trio Live Aquarium Guppy Fish High quality Guppies Red Dragon BDS $34.00 $15.00 shipping or Best Offer SPONSORED Fast results with freshwater algae squads, Pond Pumps, Filters, Liners, Heaters, Baskets. Excludes Frozen Foods. Guppies are best kept in groups. 1 Pair Grade A Male and Female RM60, for Male only RM15/guppy with minimum order 5 guppies. Beautiful Mosaic Guppy just like wearing a fashion dress, is a great joy to watch them swim in group. $6.99 MSRP: $7.99 (You save $1.00 ) Weight: 1.00 LBS Shipping: Calculated at Checkout Description Videos Reviews Dumbo Guppy (Elephant Ear Guppy) - Male Full of color and simply gorgeous! Mainly blue in colour. Metalhead with a yellow base color in the tail with dark edges or/and dark spots, also some have Leopard or Mosaic markings. I do ship. . Possibly the most popular or well known of all tropical fish, the guppy can be a great starter for the beginner. More. Guppy Whole Sale. Beautiful habitats designed for Ultimate Instant Jungle! Moscow Guppy male- Blue Moscow $ 6.99 Blue Moscow Guppies Quick Facts: Care level : Easy Diet: Omnivore Temperament : Peaceful Max Size: 2.5? Superior HTD Red Albino $40 Per Trio Available Absolutely beautiful (WGC & IFGA) show quality Blue/Green Moscow strain. All Guppies For Sale (14 products) Plecos (4 products) Mystery Snails (1 products) SHIPPING INFORMATION. View as Grid List. Albino Sky Blue Guppy Fish 1 Pair Grade A Male and Female RM60, for Male only RM15/guppy with minimum order 5 guppies. They will be 2.5-3.5 months old. Cutie Guppy Fish The price for an electric blue guppy starts at $15 USD and usually does not go above $25 USD. Chennai, Tamil Nadu. $35.00. Powered by Shopify. Red Blonde Guppy Male Med $ 7.27. They are a medium-sized fish. Please enable JavaScript in your browser, currently some functions will not work without it. My Account; Compatibility Guide . The females in this species may be of an assorted variety but you can differentiate the males and females easily by size and color as females are always going to be more dull in color, plus females are larger than the males. Jade Head Delta Guppy Male Med $ 6.84. Deliveries are currently running as normal. Note: Product Packaging may vary depending on quantity. Our Hours. Depend on lighting condition and angle, water chemistry, etc. The Fish Tub Chennai. Males and females come in matching color patt Albino Red Fire Guppy Larger, peaceful invertebrates can also make good tankmates. Moscow Blue Guppies 250/pair. They grow large and are very hardy. Collections Merch Mystery Snails Plecos Sold out Galaxy Blue Tail TRIO 17 reviews $64.95 Sold out Albino Full Red TRIO 14 reviews $64.95 Sold out Only the male guppy of this variation features the unique lyre tail, but to produce young with lyre tails these guppies ne Blue Moscow Guppy (Pair) If you want to check out my auctions, click below on the Aquabid button and look for auctions by my username bayway. These will most likely be Assorted Delta Guppies. I box: 1kg. Arizona Aquatic Gardens By designed Invigilo LLC, Howdy Friends! The Bengal Tiger Endler is about as ferocious as a calico kitten but these fish have distinct attractive tiger stripes. for sale, Pure Strain Guppies:P350 per Trio Dumbo Ear Mosaic AFR Guppies Package: 750 Peso. We specialize in guppies, but locally, we also sell other wonderful community fish that are compatible with . They are very prolific! Beautiful albino yellow guppy with pattern includes some vertical barring as well as rosettes on the body along way to the tail. In fact the Sky Blue Endler Absolutely gorgeous fish! . They grow large and have great form! Temperature: 66F - 84F (19C - 29C) Water Hardness: 10 to 20 dH, They are safe with other peaceful fish as long as the other fish are not known to nip at the long tail of the guppy. Beautiful yellow guppy with pattern includes some vertical barring as well as rosettes on the body along way to the big tail. LAZULI BLUE Guppy Fish Fancy Show Quality Live Guppies Fry or Pair *RARE STRAIN* $32.45 to $39.95 Free shipping Trio. Will also throw a certain percentage of purples, blues, regular greens, and even blacks! Female guppies are a bit less colorful and have additional dark spots around the . Metalhead with an orange (light red) base color in the tail with dark or light edges or/and dark or light spots, also some have Leopard or Mosaic markings. *FREE SHIPPING on qualifying aquatic life orders $229 and up. Guppies are a classic aquarium fish. Aquatic Pet Store. Elegant Albino Sky Blue Guppy with translucent body and show sky blue sparkling on body and tail under lighting. Find a guppies in Scotland on Gumtree, the #1 site for Fish for Sale classifieds ads in the UK. 1 Pair Grade A Male and Female RM120, for Male only RM15/guppy with minimum order 5 guppies. We are pleased to now offer male/female pairs of this fish so that you can start your own little colony if you wish. Juandering Guppies. Blue Mosaic Dragon Guppy Pair Price: $24.99 Available: 10 Add to Cart Bishop Aquatics Blue Green Dragon Guppy Price: $24.99 Available: 10 Add to Cart Bishop Aquatics Red Mosaic Dragon Guppies -Pair- Red Mosaic Dragon Guppy Poecilia reticulata var red mosaic dragon Price: $29.99 Available: 5 Add to Cart Bishop Aquatics Fancy Mutt Guppy Pair FANCY GUPPIES (BMM# 100) Blue Metallic Marble Males SUPER COOL BLUE BOYS U.S.A. 6 Pack (MP#013) Asst. Guppies may feed on both animal and vegetable matter, primarily benthic algae, small crustaceans & insect larvae, but in a typical aquarium indoors guppies should be fed an algae based flake food along with some freeze dried bloodworms and micro pellets. Tarragindi, QLD. Elegant Albino Sky Blue Ribbon Guppy with translucent body and show sky blue sparkling on body and tail under lighting. Just use code 10off. E.g. Dismiss, Howdy Friends! Freshwater Tropical Fish and Koi Selection for Aquariums and Ponds with Koi, African Cichlids, Guppies, Angelfish, Fancy Goldfish and more. We strive to produce guppies that are large and very prolific. 20 Pack, (6pk) (HBD#100) Fancy Half Black Male Dumbo Guppies (RARE but Priced FAIR) (6pk), (HBD#100) Fancy Half Black Male Dumbo Guppies, LIMITED (PFJ#100)Golden Boy Platinum Flame Male Guppies(Flashy Boys Tanks/Ponds), Very Large Breeder Dumbo Female Guppies (DBO#200), 20 for $20 Juvenile Female Guppies (MP #020) HEALTHY LITTLE LADIES 20pk Just $20, 6pk Juvenile Female Guppies MP #020 (Only $11.95) young active LITTLE LADIES 6pk, Juvenile Female Guppies MP #020 (Only $2.95 each) young active LITTLE LADIES, (BMM#100) Blue Metallic Marble Male Guppies. hive grant permissions, holcombe grammar school entry requirements,

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